The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Athens

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Before a long day scaling the Parthenon, marveling at the Acropolis and exploring the bustling markets, a relaxing cup of java or a refreshing Freddo is the perfect way to begin it. A Freddo is the way Greeks drink iced coffee, a Freddo Cappuccino is basically an iced cappuccino, complete with cold frothed milk while a Freddo Espresso is a cold version of espresso and it is made with a double shot of espresso coffee mixed in a mixer with ice cubes, so it is still frothy. Still, not all cafes are vegan-friendly, so what’s a veggie head to do? Fret no more, for we have compiled a comprehensive cafe catalogue for the coffee consumer, if you’re looking for vegan-friendly restaurants, check out our Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Athens.


Address: Emmanouil Benaki 7, Athens 10678, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0380 0014


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Arguably the most serious of coffee-lovers own this cafe, which employs a talented, award-winning team of baristas. They also grow their own strain of single-estate coffee beans which also can be purchase by the bag! For the truly coffee-obsessed, brewing and tasting workshops are available onsite by appointment.


Address: 33 Eolou, Athens 105 51, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0324 3740


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Vegan options abound in this stylish, modern little cafe that specializes in fresh, simple dishes. Hungry travelers can choose from a veggie burger, spicy linguini with tomato sauce, multigrain salad or a grilled vegetable sandwich. For a refreshing sweet treat, their fruit salad also comes highly recommended. They also serve freshly squeezed fruit juice, a variety of teas and homemade soft drinks (try the sour cherry juice!) in addition to fresh coffee beverages with soy, coconut and almond milk to taste.

Coffee Dive

Address & Phone: varies by location


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A hyperlocal small coffee chain native to Athens, Coffee Dive sources beans from a total of 27 different countries, resulting in a wide variety of tasting notes and flavors. They are also have three different plant milks to add to your brew: almond, coconut and soy. The coffee flavor choices are nearly endless!

Mr. Bean

Address: Emmanouil Benaki 20, Athens 10678, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0381 0899


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A cozy little place with specialty coffees, Mr. Bean currently has soy milk as a plant-based milk alternative, though they mentioned via Facebook Messenger that they’ll soon be adding almond and/or oat milk in the future. They have a vegan cereal bar available for purchase and will be making 2 out of 10 of their sandwiches vegan. Yes to progress!

Kaya Spirit

Address: 7 Voulis | In the arcade, Athens 105 62, Greece
Phone: +30 21 3028 4305


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Only the most perfect cups of coffee are served here, as reviewers have witnessed: a cup of coffee made by an apprentice was apparently rejected for having bubbles that were “too big!” Kaya baristas are extremely attentive to the quality of everything that goes into a customer’s cup, and reviewers have also noticed that the milk foam lasts long after the last sip of liquid, a testament to the fineness of their craft.

Foyer d’Athènes

Address: Kodrigktonos 19, Athina 104 34, Greece
Phone: +30 21 1412 5948


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With stylin’ 50’s themed decor, sweet beats à la live music and cocktails in addition to coffee, this is the perfect place to take a date, hang with friends or just chill by yourself. Order your latte with soy milk and a slice of vegan pastafrola, apple pie or another weekly special.

The Underdog 

Address: 8 Iraklidon, Athens 118 51, Greece
Phone: +30 21 3036 5393


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Trendy, award-winning coffee is served with a side of sass at The Underdog, a popular brunch spot and cocktail bar. They routinely hold workshops and have authorized SCA trainers as instructors. No vegan milk or menu items, though they are planning to add some to their new menu.*


Address: 44 Athinas | Quartiere Psiri, Athens 105 51, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0321 7063


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Authentic Greek coffee comes with an authentic serving experience. Traditionally, Greek coffee is powdered, mixed with water in a bronze vessel, called a briki, and then warmed in hot sand (which itself is warmed with a special warming machine). There will be residue at the bottom of the cup which is meant to be discarded. The coffee is accompanied by Turkish delights, which are traditionally vegan (but do ask just to be sure). Their award-winning coffee beans can also be purchased at their cafe and online! Almond milk is available.

Harvest Coffee & Wine

Address: Evripidou & Aiolou 64, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 21 3025 2284


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A popular brunch spot, this modern yet cozy eatery boasts a full menu, though unfortunately not too vegan friendly. Their Groats Salad and Vegetable Fajita can be veganized sans dairy, and they plan to add plant milk and vegan menu items in the future. For now, enjoy their tasty mulled wine, a few dishes here and there and black coffee.

Tailor Made

Address: 2 Platia Agias Irinis | Monastiraki, Athens 105 60, Greece
Phone: +30 21 3004 9645


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Cocktails and coffee never went better together than at Tailor Made! This micro-roastery and cocktail bar roasts beans daily and hosts live music on select dates. However, there are no vegan milks available and smoking is allowed. Reviewers note that though the cafe is trendy and lively, the service is slow and has an attitude.

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