Where To Find The Best Gelato In Rome

The best gelato in Rome isn't just silky, rich ice cream. It's an experience like none other. Only in Rome can you find such a refreshing dessert.

best gelato Rome

Let’s face it: Rome gets hot. But when the temperature and humidity rise, there’s something to comfort you. Something creamy, refreshing, and delicious: gelato. Rome’s gelato scene is rich and varied, but a few places stand out for above the rest. Here’s where to find the best gelato in Rome.

1. Gelato Giulivo – Vegan

Hours: Noon to 10:30pm Daily
Address: Via Archiano 45, 00199 Roma, Italy

best gelato in Rome

One of the most favored vegan gelaterias in Rome! It was touch and go for a spell while the popular destination relocated, but Rome loves Giulivo too much. Their basic philosophy is to seek out and use only the best ingredients. Their end goal is to offer something for vegan and non-vegans to enjoy. The idea seems to be working!

2. Tempesta Di Gusti – Vegan

Hours: 1pm-9pm Daily
Address: Via del Pigneto, 191, 00176 Roma

gelato in Rome

Known for excellence, Tempesta Di Gusti offers traditional and vegan gelato offerings with a diverse selection of flavors to choose from. The staff is very friendly and knows how to take care of you. There is also a grocery store, so while enjoying their delicious gelato selections, you can peruse through the shelves for snacks to take with you.

3. Stefino, Gelato Biologico Roma – Vegan

Hours: 12:30pm-10pm Daily
Address: Viale Aventino, 30, 00153 Roma

Rome gelato

Stepino has been in the ice cream business since the late 1990’s. Over the years, he has made a name for himself through experimentation. Since 2012, he began using only bio ingredients to assure his customers they were not only getting a tasty product but one that they could feel good about eating. It’s healthy and has a low impact on the environment. This is well worth testing out — some folks say when in Rome, they stop every day for a gelato here.

4. Olive Dolci – Vegan

Hours: 10am-11pm Daily
Address: Via Emanuele Filiberto, 140/142, 00185 Roma

Rome best gelato

Olive oil based gelato may not strike you as a reasonable dessert, but people who have tried Olive Dolce vegan gelato all agree: olive oil is a valid ingredient. The results are outstanding! There are 32 vegan flavors to choose from.

5. CamBio Vita – Vegan

Hours: 10am to Midnight Daily
Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 54, 00118 Roma

best gelato in Rome

If you are looking for vegan gelato and a meal, this is your place. They do not just specialize in gelato but can be enjoyed by those who want an all-in-one food experience. They are located in the city center between a lot of desirable destinations, which makes them good when sightseeing is the goal.

6. Gelateria Biologica Fonte della Salute – Vegan

Hours: 10am-1am Daily
Address: Via Cardinale Marmaggi, 2, 00153 Roma

best rome ice cream

Everything used here is sourced from certified organic farms. They offer biologically excellent and vegan options that are made with unusual – and delicious – fusions, like basil and pineapple. If it’s something unique, cold, and refreshing you are after, this is a must try!

7. Grezzo Raw Chocolate – Vegan

Hours: Sun-Thu 10am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10am to Midnight
Address: Via Urbana, 130, 00184 Roma
Website: https://www.grezzoitalia.it/english/

Rome gelato

This is the first pastry shop in Rome that dedicated itself to vegan practices. They offer a lot more than gelato: pies, truffles, tarts, mousses, and much more. Everything about this place is loveable. Their environmental practices, ice creams, chocolates, and coffee are worth bragging about!

8. Cremeria Romana

Hours: Sun-Thu 9am-10:30pm, Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 9am to Midnight
Address: Via del Portico Ottavia, 1/B, 00186 Roma

Rome Italy Gelato

Using only top shelf ingredients (including some kosher ones), this gelato stop stands out in terms of quality. It’s not all vegan-friendly, but it makes for a great stop none-the-less.

9. Giolitti

Hours: 7am-1:30am Daily
Address: Via Degli Uffici Del Vicario, Roma
Website: http://www.giolitti.it/en/

best gelato Rome

The long lines attest to the love many have for Giolitti. Some of the recipes used to make the gelato go back as far as 1920, which means the ice cream tasted the same nearly 100 years ago. Most of the offerings are not vegan-friendly.

10. Come il Latte

Hours: 11am-11pm Daily
Address: Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26, 00187 Roma

best Rome gelato

This place puts its focus on creating only enough. By not having a surplus, they are sure to offer customers only the freshest ice cream in the city. They carefully monitor every detail of the process and are true gelato craftsmen. Their offerings are not vegan, but they are delicious.

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