Protein on the Go: Our Guide to Veggie Protein for the Vegan Traveler

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Traveling is, by definition, exciting, eye-opening and memorable. It can also be a bit daunting when it comes to getting the necessary protein needed to keep up the energy level during the trip. A well-prepared vegan protein kit is essential for a successful trip, no matter where your nose may lead you — whether you’re scaling Mount Everest or strolling around the garden of Versailles. Here are a few tasty, convenient and, of course, vegan ways to get the protein you need for all your adventures!

  1. KIND Protein Bars – Double Dark Chocolate

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    A favorite of whole-food loving humans, KIND protein bars pack a hearty 12 grams of protein per bar. Three simple ingredients — almonds, peanuts and dark chocolate — make up this energy-fueling on-the-go snack. The only downside is the melt factor of the chocolate, which is unavoidable on warm weather vacations.

  2. Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky

    Gone are the days where dried-out cow was the primary portable protein — Primal Strips has made it easy for animal lovers to indulge and refuel when hunger hits. Each jerky pack contains a whopping 6 – 10 grams of protein per serving, harnessing the nourishing, healthy and satisfying qualities of soy, seitan and shiitake mushrooms.

  3. NOKA Superfood Pouches

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    Whoever invented fruit squeeze pouches deserves a Nobel prize — it basically makes it socially acceptable for adults to eat baby food. It’s also a convenient, packable and effortlessly easy way to dial up protein intake. Each NOKA pouch contains 4 grams of plant-sourced protein, not an incredible amount but certainly still an easy way to get a bit of protein punch as you go about your sight-seeing day.

  4. Biena Chickpea Snacks

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    Crispy, crunchy and natural — three words that perfectly describe Biena chickpea snacks. Chickpeas have always been naturally high on the protein scale, so it goes without saying that a portable way to snack on them is a great idea. These snacks pack a walloping 6 grams of protein per 1/4 cup (plus an impressively high 5 gram fiber content), a great way to sneak in some on the go. Most of the flavors are vegan friendly; our personal favorite is the habanero flavor ????

  5. Kashi® GOLEAN® Plant-Powered Bar, Dark Chocolate Cashew Chia

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    Kashi bars are like the grown-up version of those Nature Valley granola bars: tasty, not dry, and ultimately, don’t crumble to pieces when you bite into them. Each of their Plant-Powered bar series has 8 grams of protein per bar, coming from nuts, seeds and sprouted grains. Though there are several varieties of this bar, our favorite is the Dark Chocolate Chia (some of the flavors do contain honey).

  6. Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Dry Roasted

    Seed lovers, unite! Pumpkin seeds are one of nature’s most natural sources of protein. They’re also incredibly addictive; one handful quickly turns into two, then three — and before you know it, the bag’s empty! Luckily, it’s a healthy habit to have. Each 1/4 cup of seeds contains a whopping 10 grams of protein, easily reached for the consummate snacker.

  7. Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

    Kale chips are the new wave of snacking: after all, how could air-dried, spice-seasoned leaves be bad for you? We as humans are able to make even the greenest vegetable into a snack. And what a snack it is: for every ounce of kale chips eaten, 6 grams of protein go straight to the system, making for a truly healthy, easily snackable protein source.

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