The 10 Best Bagels In Montreal

These aren't your average bagels. These are the best bagels in Montreal, a hub for bagel craftsmanship and innovation. Sound silly? Wait till you try one.

best bagels in Montreal

Canada’s Montreal is a foodie’s paradise. Smoked meat, poutine, a load of cuisines and flavors from across the globe line the streets. But don’t forget one of the eclectic city’s claims to fame: bagels. Montreal bagels are world-famous; brought to Montreal by Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe in the early 20th Century. While Montreal bagels have been around for a while, the way they are prepared hasn’t changed much. They are still shaped into a thin stirrup shapes with large holes, poached in water and honey, then baked in a wood-fired oven.

Bakers in this city take their bagel craft seriously, so a few bagels during your stay are a must. If you want to experience some of the best bagels in Montreal, check out the bakeries on this list.

1. St Viateur

Address: 263 Rue Saint Viateur O, Montréal, QC H2V, Canada
Phone: (514) 528-6361
Hours: 24 Hours Daily

best bagels in Montreal

St Viateur may be the most famous bagel shop in the city. Open 24/7, customers can watch the bagels being made from start to finish. Be sure to ask for freshly-baked bagels which you will find are moist, dense and always satisfying. Also, St Viateur bagels are available online for shipping to Canada and the US. St Viateur has a total of 7 locations and a mobile food truck. You can find their other bagels spots here.

2. Bagels on Greene

Address: 4160 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal, QC H3Z 1P4
Phone: (514) 846-3773
Hours: Mon-Wed & Sat 6:30am-7pm, Thu-Fri 6:30am-9pm, Sun 7:30am-6pm

Bagels on Greene offers bagels of many varieties, but it is also a great lunch spot with many sandwiches, platters, and dozens of different salads. Vegans and vegetarians will feel catered to here with menus dedicated to them serving up delicious fusion dishes such as vegetable Manchurian stew, sweet and sour Chinese eggplant and veggie bbq chicken salad. Also, check out their convenient and healthy lunch boxes.

3. Fairmount Bagels

Address: 74 Fairmount West Montreal, QC H2T 2M2
Phone: (514) 272-0667
Hours: 24 Hours Daily

best bagels in Montreal

Fairmount Bagels is another contender for top bagels in Montreal. It serves up over a dozen varieties of bagels, including a mini-bagel for mini-appetites. The Fairmount Bagel is also the first bagel to make it into space, when Greg Chamitoff, nephew of owner Mona Chamitoff took 18 bagels with him when he embarked on his 6-month long trip to outer space.

4. Real Bagel

Address: 6647 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal, QC H3W 3E3 Canada
Phone: (514) 340-1110
Hours: 7am-7pm Daily

Montreal best bagels

Real Bagel is known for its wild specialty bagels – like the French Toast bagel – but also serves a myriad of meats, salads, and sides. There are spots to sit and eat and also a convenient small corner which sells drinks and some groceries.

5. District Bagel

Address: 709 Lucerne Rd Montreal, QC H3R 2H7 Canada
Phone: (514) 735-1174
Hours: Sun-Thu 6:30am-6:30pm, Fri 6:30am-2pm

Located in the Mont Royal neighborhood, District Bagel offers 17 varieties of bagels and dozens of soups, sandwiches, and platter options. It’s a great breakfast spot with a rich beverage menu.

6. Hinnawi Bros Cafe and Bakery

Address: 372 Sherbrooke East Montreal, QC H2X 1E6 Canada
Phone: (514) 289-4000
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

best bagels in Montreal

This little cafe offers 3 locations in Montreal and serves up bagels dressed up with odd, yet delicious, ingredients such as filet mignon, eggs, and smoked beef. There are also breakfast platters and cakes for sale. You can find the details for the other locations on their website.

7. Dizz’s Bagels

Address: 6160 Chemin de la Côte-Saint- Luc, Montréal, QC H3X 2H1 Canada
Phone: (514) 484-3323
Hours: 24 Hours Daily

Dizz’s Bagels is home to the famous Rainbow Bagel. This bakery is known for it’s selection of toppings, which range from colorful sprinkles to fruit.

8. Bagel, Etc.

Address: 4320, boul. St-Laurent Montreal, QC, H2W 1Z3 Canada
Phone: (514) 845-9462
Hours: 7:30am-4pm Daily

Montreal best bagels

Nestled in Plateau Mont Royal, in a diner-like atmosphere and offering a funky vibe, Bagel Etc is known for its big breakfasts and brunches which are accompanied by bagels instead of toast. Bagel Etc is a beloved Montreal icon. It is said that late famed Canadian poet Leonard Cohen was a regular here.

9. Brossard Bagels

Address: 286 Rue Gladstone, Greenfield Park, QC J4K 2Y6 Canada
Phone: (450)465-7778
Hours: Mon-Wed 7am-7pm, Thu-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat-Sun 7am-6pm

The premiere place to get bagels on the South Shore of Montreal, Brossard Bagels offers locals and tourists top-shelf Montreal-style bagels without having to cross the river. Brossard Bagels is known for their huge variety of bagels and comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. You can also sit and enjoy a coffee while you’re here.

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