The 10 Best Cocktail Bars In Paris

Paris, France is a city of culinary experimentation, even when it comes to drinks. Here's where you can find the best cocktails in Paris.

best cocktails in Paris

Despite France’s passionate wine tradition, Paris has become a veritable paradise for cocktails and bars. From mixology dens to hidden speakeasies, there are beautiful cocktails to be found all around the city of light and love. Bartenders use homemade ingredients and innovative combinations to create the most luscious libations. Take a look at some of the best cocktail bars in Paris.


Hours: 6pm-2am Daily
Address: 5 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris

best cocktails in Paris

The first of the speakeasy bars on the list, Moonshiner, is fronted by a good ole fashioned pizza shop. You’ll see the red exterior and the sign for “Da Vito” without a glimpse of what lies beneath… or behind. If you can manage to make your way through food freezer to get a seat at one of the candlelit tables, you’ll feel like you’re truly wandering through the jazz age. The menu is chock full of whiskey drinks made from one of the 83 different brands on hand, so drink up!

Sherry Butt

Hours: Tue-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun-Mon 8pm-2am
Address: 20 Rue Beautreillis, 75004 Paris

Paris best cocktail bars

Amidst the urban rustic interior lies two spacious rooms with dim lighting and leather-bound chairs. It’s certainly a perfect spot for romance in cozy corners. The bar itself seems to be having a love affair with whiskey, as proven by the selection as well as the name. Sherry Butt is the moniker given to 500-liter oak whiskey barrels. You won’t be disappointed by the homemade ingredients and mixology blends. Choose one of only eleven cocktails to consume.


Hours: Mon-Wed 6pm-1am, Thu-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 12:30pm-3:30pm and 6pm to Midnight
Address: 108 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris

best cocktail bars in Paris

Though not a hidden bar in the classical sense, Pasdeloup is more than meets the eye due to its long bar and secluded backroom. The blonde wood, simple decor, and tiny terrace make it a great spot for a casual cocktail. American owner Amanda Boucher is known for her innovative cocktails and small plates. Take advantage of the emphasis on subtlety and taste pairings. And don’t forget to indulge in a classic twist: the savory Bloody Celerí!


Restaurant Hours: Sun-Wed Noon to 10:30pm, Thu-Sat Noon to 11:30pm
Bar Hours: 6pm-2am Daily
Address: 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

best cocktails in Paris

Another prohibition-era style bar on our list is Candelaria, known as much for the taqueria in front as for the amazing cocktails within. The unmarked door next to the stove will transport you back in time to the speakeasies of the Roaring 20’s. The menu includes a large amount of agave-based liquors to go along with the Mexican theme. Make sure you try La Guêpe Verte, the house cocktail, and grab a tantalizing taco on your way out.

Le Syndicat

Hours: Mon-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 7pm-2am
Address: 51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

best cocktails in Paris

The rough and tumble exterior belies the gold and sparkles lying within Le Syndicat. This bar sets its sights on bringing old-fashioned spirits to the younger generation, mixing timely French liqueurs in contemporary cocktails. Enjoy the focus on all things French while listening to a DJ on weekends in an up and coming neighborhood. You’ll feel like you truly are one of the next “bright young things”.

Experimental Cocktail Club

Hours: Mon-Thu 7pm-2am, Fri-Sat 7pm-4am, Sun 8pm-2am
Address: 37 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris

cocktail bars paris

A mixology bar at its finest, the Experimental Cocktail Club is pretentious and trendy in all the best ways. Though there’s no restaurant facade, the dark curtains and exposed brick interior highlight the speakeasy ambiance. Cocktails like the Bee’s Knees only enhance the mystique. But be sure to ask the bartender to concoct a little something special. You won’t be disappointed!

Le Mary Celeste

Restaurant Hours: 7pm-11:30pm Daily
Bar Hours: 6pm-2am Daily
Address: 1 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris

best cocktail bars Paris

Sister bar to Candelaria, Le Mary Celeste combines delicious tapas with exquisite cocktails. There’s a bit of a nautical theme with its emphasis on oysters, fresh seafood, and its namesake that of an abandoned 19th-century ship. But in addition to the mouth-watering fusion tapas are the range of original cocktails, from the “Good Morning England” to the “La vénus Stéatopyge.” Ahoy, mateys!

Mabel Paris

Hours: Mon-Wed 7pm to Midnight, Thu-Sat 7pm-2am
Address: 58 rue D’Aboukir 75002 Paris

best drinks in Paris

The final speakeasy-style installation is Mabel Paris, home to a cocktail den and grilled cheese shop. This location doesn’t wreak of prohibition quite as much since you can easily spot the bar as you walk past the gooey cheesy sandwiches. The interior of the bar is very retro, reminiscent of the 1960s. As a cocktail den and “rum empire”, you’ll find that many of the concoctions are rum-based. Munch on a signature pulled pork grilled cheese before or after you sip on “Mabel’s Treacle.”

Dirty Dick

Hours: 6pm-2am Daily
Address: 10 Rue Frochot, 75009 Paris

paris cocktail bars

Bright decor, cocktail umbrellas, and even a few flames will only be part of your experience at Dirty Dick. Step into a different era of the past when you enter this Polynesian-style tiki bar in Pigalle. Share a flaming volcano drink with a friend or try out one of the unique flavor sensations with quirky names like the “Monkey Seed Monkey Screwed.” Dirty Dick will transport you to a time when Prohibition went kaput.


Hours: Tue-Sun Noon to 2am
Address: 3 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris

Paris cocktail bars

Trendy Oberkampf is home to a wide variety of quirky bars and cafés. Bespoke stands out from the rest for its seasonal cocktail menu as well as it small plates. Vintage glasses serve up high-quality beverages in a simple yet sophisticated setting. Pass by on a Sunday afternoon and delight in the Bespoke Bloody Mary with a side of chicken and waffles.

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