The 10 Best Cocktail Bars In Florence

If rooftop bars and unique cocktails under the Tuscan sky sound like an evening well spent, you'll want to check out the best cocktail bars in Florence.

Gesto cocktail bar Florence

Florence is well known for its thriving culinary scene, but the nightlife renaissance happening in the city is something you don’t want to miss out on next time you’re in the Tuscan capital. Innovative bars and unique cocktails are popping up everywhere. There’s no shortage of great drinks, but you don’t want great – you want the best. Here’s where you’ll find the best cocktails in Florence.

Golden View

Hours: 7:30am to Midnight
Address: Via de Bardi 58r – 50125 Firenze
Phone: 055 214502 – 333 4757400

best cocktails in Florence

The chic minimalism of this unique place cannot be missed, as well as the stunning view of the Ponte Vecchio. Fabiano, the bartender, is a veteran of the Florentine cocktail bar world but has wound up at Golden View for its rich selection of spirits (especially Gin – nearly 30 labels) and vibrant cocktail menu. This bar is perfect for celebrating milestones and occasions.

La Ménagère

Hours: 7am-2am Daily
Address: Via de Ginori, 8r – 50123 Firenze
Phone: 055 075 0600

Florence cocktails

Long ago, this cocktail bar was a historical household products shop. Today, it’s an unconventional concept restaurant where high-level cuisine, strategically placed flowers, and a unique display of home decor culminate in an exciting cocktail experience. The bartenders have experience internationally and offer a menu with many variations and ethnic ingredients.


Hours: 9:30am-1:30am Daily
Address: Piazza Santo Spirito 5/r – 50125 Firenze
Phone: 055 2381 460

best cocktails Florence

Most buildings in Florence come with a story, and Volume’s is quite intriguing. This highly celebrated bar was once an old hat crafting laboratory. It looks over the Piazza Santo Spirito, one of the most charming and lively locations in Florence. The drinks are classical and well executed,  and the appetizer buffet is freshly prepared and perfect for a light Aperitivo before dinner.

Santarosa Bistrot

Hours: 8am to Midnight Daily
Address: Lungarno Santarosa, 50124 Firenze
Phone: 055 230 9057

best cocktails in Florence

(picture credit by Santarosa Bistrot)

“Green” is the keyword for this beautiful place located along the Arno river. All of the ingredients used at Santarosa Bistrot are purchased daily from a nearby farm, so you can be confident that your food is fresh as can be. The menu changes with what’s available at the farm. The patio features a nice aromatic garden with herbs that the barmen use to craft some of the best cocktails in Florence.

MAD Souls and Spirits

Hours: 6pm-2am Daily
Address: Borgo San Frediano, 36-387R – 50124 Florence
Phone: 055 6271621 – 339 7818710

Florence cocktail bars

(picture credit by MAD)

Two creative and experienced bartenders recently opened MAD. the cocktail menu sticks to the essentials but feels complete and well rounded. If you’re in the mood for something off the cuff, the bartenders are more than happy to whip up something that suits your preferences. Tasty sandwiches are also available. If you want to see a rising star, visit MAD.

Art Bar

Hours: 6:30pm-1:30am Daily
Address: Via del Moro, 4 – 50123 Florence
Phone: 055-287661

Florence cocktail bars

(picture credit by Art Bar)

Despite the minimal and simple location, the Art Bar offers a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The drinks are well refined, especially the fruit-based cocktails, which are made with fresh fruit instead of the juices. One of the best drink on the menu is the Moscow Mule with candied ginger (it’s to die for). The prices are super competitive, only 6 – 8 euros each.

Soul Kitchen

Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-2am, Sat-Sun 6pm-2am
Address: Via de’ Benci, 34r – 50122 Firenze
Phone: 055 2369772

Soul Kitchen Florence bar

(picture credit by Soul Kitchen)

Located in via dè Benci, the heart of the Florentine nightlife, Soul Kitchen is a place with different souls for every single moment of the day. Perfect for a coffee break on a sightseeing day, for a quick lunch or at the happy hour, and of course during the night. The bartenders are skilled, the drinks are well made, and you can have them while eating something from the rich buffet, enjoying the typical “Italian style” Aperitivo.


Hours: 6pm-2am Daily
Address: Borgo San Frediano 27r – 50124 Florence
Phone: 055241288

Gesto cocktail bar Florence

(picture credit by Gesto)

A sustainability-minded bar, Gesto opened just 2 years ago. On the menu, you’ll find tasty meat, fish, and veggie tapas perfect for happy hour or for a dinner with friends. To order, you write your choice on the blackboard given to you by the server and, as if by magic, the food arrives shortly. All ingredients are organic and locally grown, which makes the cocktails even more delicious.

Colle Bereto

Hours: 8am-4am Daily
Address: Piazza Strozzi, 5 – 20125 Florence
Phone: 055 283156

best cocktails in Florence

(picture credit by Colle Bereto)

Colle Bereto is worth a visit for the location alone. Located in the heart of the historical center, this cocktail bar provides an elegant experience in an elegant part of town. The bar itself is classy and chic, offering a variety of excellent cocktails. Try the Colle Beach or the Royal Colle B with Martini Rosè and red fruits.

Odeon Bistro

Hours: 8am-3am Daily
Address: Piazza Strozzi 8/r – 50123 Florence
Phone: 055 215654

best cocktails in Florence

(picture credit by Odeon Bistro)

Attached to the famous Odeon Theater in the town center, this cocktail bar is an excellent choice for cinema lovers. The location hosts exhibitions, cinema-centric events, dj-sets, and jam sessions. It’s quite a vibrant place. Come have a drink and enjoy the cinematic experience or stop by before your next film. Either way, you’ll love it.

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