The 10 Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Istanbul

Turkish cuisine isn't a stranger to animal-free food, but these places are taking it up a notch. Check out these vegan / vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul.

vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul

You may be surprised to hear that traditional Turkish cuisine is no stranger to vegan and vegetarian dishes. There aren’t many restaurants that are 100% vegetarian or vegan, but most are more than happy to cater to vegans and vegetarians and even have offerings on the menu to do so. If you stay away from animal products in your food, you need to check out these ten best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul.

Bi Nevi Deli

Address: Dilhayat Sokak No.10/1, Etiler
Phone: (0212) 358 60 32
Hours: Mon-Sat (09:30 – 20:30), Sun (10:00 – 16:30)

vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul

Bi Nevi Deli is one of the few restaurants in Istanbul offering a completely animal-free diet. They use seasonal vegetables and fruits, grains, beans, nuts, seeds and focus on a health-based kitchen by using anti-inflammatory oils and avoiding smoking point when developing recipes. The restaurant also features a few no-oil added recipes using only avocado or cashews. Try their ‘Crunchy Red Lentil Bowl’ salad.


Address: Kurabiye Sokak No.8, Taksim
Phone: (0212) 243 82 34
Hours: Mon-Sat (09:30 – 23:30)

vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul

Zencefil is one of the best-known and popular vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul. Although situated in a vivid district, it’s lovely garden keeps you away from the crowd and lets you enjoy delicious dishes. Most dishes on the menu are homemade with fresh, seasonal ingredients. All food is very tasty and you can opt for either a daily menu or a fixed menu. Lentil patties, stuffed dried eggplant, or okra with chickpeas are some highlights and their lemonade and basil zucchini is highly recommended.

Community Kitchen

Address: Kumbaraci Yokusu No.57/A, Beyoglu
Phone: (0538) 503 27 36
Hours: Tue-Sat (14:00 – 23:00), Sun (12.00 – 23:00)

vegan restaurants in Istanbul

Community Kitchen is a rare find with its 100% vegan menu and affordable prices. The restaurant offers vegan workshops and organizes vegan days to encourage people to be vegan. You can enjoy a variety of legal vegan dishes and even try vegan Iskander and vegan Lahmacun – the chef’s animal-free take on two traditional Turkish meat dishes.

Rulo Ezberbozan Lezzetler

Address: Caferaga Mah. Nailbey Sok. No.15/B, Kadikoy
Phone: (0542) 552 36 33
Hours: Mon-Sun (11:00 – 21:00)

vegan restaurants in Istanbul

Rulo Ezberbozan Lezzetler is the frequent stop for vegans and vegetarians at the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Situated in Kadikoy, the restaurant has hot and cold buffet options that cover a variety of Middle East flavors including falafels, chickpeas, lentil dishes, salads, sauce and spice options. You are sure to love both the food and the prices!

Ecoisthan Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: Bereketzade mah. Camekan Sok. No.7, Galata
Phone: (0507) 375 89 04
Hours: Mon-Sun (11:00 – 21:00)

best vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul

Ecoisthan is a hostel in Galata with an attached vegan cafe. This makes it ideal for vegan and vegetarian travelers exploring historical Galata. The restaurant is available to hostel visitors but also hungry bypassers who wants to enjoy fresh, healthy vegan dishes. Delicious, filling, fairly priced food combined with Ecoisthan’s relaxed atmosphere ensures a lovely dinner. The menu is not fixed as all food is daily made from fresh seasonal ingredients.

Galata Kitchen

Address: Tatar Beyi Sokak No.9, Galata
Phone: (0212) 252 20 22
Hours: Mon-Sun (09:00 – 22:15)

Istanbul vegetarian restaurants

Offering traditional Turkish dishes as if prepared by moms and grandmoms, Galata Kitchen’s motto is ‘Eat healthily!’. The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere with homemade soups, antipasti, starters, salads, and main courses. They use fresh, seasonal ingredients and high-quality oils for their dishes. There a few meaty options but it’s safe to say that majority of the menu is vegetarian. Give chickpeas with vinaigrette sauce, black-eyed peas, and spinach cake a try.


Address: Tel Sokak No.2, Beyoglu
Phone: (0212) 292 32 72
Hours: Mon-Sat (12:00 – 21:00)

best vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul

Klemuri offers a great atmosphere in a historical house at the center of Beyoglu. Here you can explore various homemade foods from different regional cuisines of the Eastern Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The menu is not totally vegetarian, but you’ll find a green dot next to the vegan-friendly options on the menu which include mung bean salad, stuffed dried eggplant, hummus with tahini, and stuffed grape leaves. The prices are quite reasonable and if you’re lucky you may even listen to some live folk music while enjoying your delicious meal.

Kikero Falafel

Address: Serdar-ı Ekrem Caddesi No.1, Galata
Phone: (0212) 243 50 70
Hours: Mon-Sat (12:00 – 21:00)

vegan restaurants in Istanbul

Right across from Galata Tower Square you will find Kikero Falafel, a quaint restaurant on the corner where two crowded streets meet. This cute little restaurant is a welcoming stopover for hungry tourists, students, and locals. Kikero serves its crispy specialty falafel with a variety of greens wrapped in a soft lavash bread or as a filling sandwich.

Komsu Kafe Collective

Address: Uzun Hafız Sok. 83/A Kadıköy
Phone: (0216) 418 46 79
Hours: Mon-Sun (10:30 – 23:00)

Istanbul vegan restaurants

Another gem in the Anatolian side is Komsu Kafe, meaning ‘neighbour cafe’ in Turkish. The cafe not only caters great vegetarian food, but also has a strong manifesto against authority, hierarchy, sexism, discrimination, and exploitation. Every aspect of the cafe encourages community development via various food-oriented events. Activities are planned almost daily where you can savor delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes while learning how to make them.

Pakarana Vegan Cafe

Address: Icadiye Caddesi No:94/A Kuzguncuk, Uskudar
Phone: (0538) 527 48 24
Hours: Wed-Mon (10:00 – 21:30)

vegan cafe Istanbul

Pakarana is a little vegan cafe in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Founded by a designer and a vet, it has a completely vegan menu and does not use milk or egg products. The cafe is open every day except Tuesdays. Along with your vegan coffee, you can enjoy a healthy vegan breakfast or taste a selection of traditional Turkish dishes with cold-pressed olive oil.

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