Top 10 Coffee Shops in Bogotá

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One thing you’ve likely heard already about Colombia: it happens to be the third largest coffee producing nation in the world. No surprise then, that Bogotá natives know a thing or two about the alluring coffee bean. With its very hip and unique culture, and a climate similar to that of Seattle, this city is perfect for growing and showing off its java flava. Here is our take at the best cafés in the city.

  1. Arte y Pasión Café Escuela de BaristasAddress & Phone: Carrera 16 # 7-76 Bogota +57 317-509-7835

    Opening Hours: 8:00AM – 7:00PM

    Arte y Pasión is a beautiful café that conducts its own barista training events for those that are interested. It is located on a pedestrians-only street just off of Plaza Bolívar. The café has over a dozen different types of coffee beans that you can choose from. On top of this, it has must-have home baked goods.

    Budget: $$$

  2. Café OrigamiAddress & Phone: Carrera 4a # 26c – 04 Macarena Bogota +57 1 560 1744

    Opening Hours: 9:00AM – 9:00PM

    Café Origami is located in the Macarena district, an area known for international cuisine and restaurants. The influence of origami, the art of paper folding, is apparent not just in its moniker but throughout the establishment.

    All three meals of the day are covered here. It is not known for having the best coffee, but a unique experience can be had with every visit. You can learn to create Origami while trying many of the different recipes that they have in house.

    Budget: $

  3. Cafe Cultor
    Address & Phone: Calle 69 # 6-20 Bogota +57 316-529-3508Opening Hours: 8:00am -7:30PM

    Environmentally friendly and close to its roots, Café Cultor strives to improve the lives of coffee farmers in Colombia. Interestingly enough, the coffee shop is completely constructed from recycled shipping materials that were once used to export coffee beans. The café is known for its 6 different Colombian beans that it uses and roasts on a day to day basis. This sustainably friendly café is located in the Zona G section of the city in the Chapinero Alto neighborhood.

    Budget: $$

  4. Magola BuendiaAddress & Phone: Carrera 2a Calle 17 – 60 Bogota +57 300 276 7273Opening Hours: 9:00AM – 9:00PM

    Located in the Calendaria or tourist district of Bogota, Magola Buendia specializes in coffee that is developed by indigenous farmers in the department of Huila. The small coffee shop also offers a cute back patio and bicycles that you can rent to help you explore the historic part of town.

    Budget: $$

  5. El Atillo
    Address & Phone: Cl 119b # 5 – 48 Bogota +57 1 749-5940 Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PMEl Atillo is located in the Usaquen area which is to be its own cute little town. It has slowly been swallowed up by Bogota yet still has its own unique way for being it such as large city. This little café, on top of its great variety of coffee also has extremely delicious coffee cakes and empanadas. Because of its unique location in the city its outdoor seating is great for people watching.

    Budget: $$

  6. Azahar
    Address & Phone: Carrera 14 No. 93a – 48 Bogota +57 1 703 4799Opening Hours: 7:00AM-7:30PM

    Azahar is a must if you are looking for the best of Colombian Coffees. They are extremely meticulous about the quality of their coffee and are known to export some of their hand selected beans around the world. It has won a series of 1st place awards at the harvest fair in Colombia. An absolute must-visit if passing through the 93rd sector of the city.

    Budget: $$

  7. Contraste Coffee LAB
    Address & Phone: Carrera 3 # 12c-94 Bogota +57 311 894 2045Opening Hours: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

    This little coffee shop is a true hole in the wall on the corner of one of the most hostel-concentrated sections of La Candelaria. The cafe purchases beans straight from independent farms and roasts them on-site. It is a great location to meet people while in the most tourist packed part of Bogota. They also serve breakfast and lunch.

    Budget: $$

  8. Salvo PatriaAddress & Phone: Calle 54A 4-13 Bogota +57 1 702 6367

    Opening Hours: 12:00PM – 11:00PM

    This café is more of a cafe/restaurant hybrid. It is for the coffee lover that also wants to have a good meal. The menu has Mediterranean/Asian selections mixed with typical Colombian flavors. The café is located in the high end section of Alto Chapinero in a beautiful antique-inspired brick house.

    Budget: $$$

  9. Amor PerfectoAddress & Phone: Carrera 4 # 66 – 46 +57 1 248 5796 Opening Hours: 8:00AM –8:30PM

    Known for winning the award for having the best expresso in the world, Amor Perfecto is famous for its high-end coffee at an affordable price. The café also creates delicious infused cocktails and holds tasting events open to the public on a regular basis. These events are great opportunities for those of you new to the Colombian coffee scene.

    Budget: $$

  10. San CaféAddress & Phone: Usaquean Park Opening Hours: 9AM – 5PM Friday – Sunday

    This hip and interesting WV van serves phenomenal coffee in Usaquean’s central park Fridays through Sunday. The van works as a full service coffee bar and is a great way to enjoy activities in the park during the weekend.

    Budget: $

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