Vive la Vegan: Finding Vegan Pastries Around the World

vegan macarons

It seems that finding a flaky, airy vegan croissant is about as hard as finding an authentic painting at a museum: difficult, but entirely possible. Since the dawn of veganism, vegan pastries have been something of a culinary unicorn of the plant-based world, but no longer! Thanks to the carbo-liciously earnest efforts of dedicated vegan pâtissiers or bakeries, everyone can enjoy cruelty-free, divinely delicate croissants and pastries just by visiting one of the below locations!

  1. L’artisane Creative Bakery – USA ????????Address: 7423 Collins Av. Miami Beach. 33141
    Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8:00am – 6:00pm; ​Sunday 9am – 6pm;​ Monday CLOSED
    Phone: (786) 502-8595

    The very bakery that inspired this post is a place we liken more to an “edible art” center: fruit-infused vegan bon bons, mango-passion fruit croissants (flavors change seasonally), and petit-gateux (mini cakes) that defy imagination. Venezuelan-born chef Carolina Molea brings her love of French pastry culture to Miami (and hopefully to other locations!!) in a kind, ethical and titillatingly tasty way with her imaginative, palate-expanding creations.

  2. Sweet Maresa’s – USA ????????Address/Hours/Phone: Multiple locations (Confectionary, Commissary, Lagusta’s Luscious)

    Technically, this isn’t a proper brick-and-mortar store, but the business name of a very talented macaron (not to be confused with macaroon) baker. Maresa’s colorful creations can be found at Confectionery! bakery/chocolate boutique as well as at Commissary! and Lagusta’s Luscious, the result of a longstanding partnership between the two businesses. Ingredients are usually locally-sourced, ethical and rotate seasonally, yielding some interesting flavors depending on the year (juniper/pumpkin/blueberry/garden mint and more), while the owners have fun adding limited edition menu items like macaron ice cream sandwiches, ramp-puff pastries and almond croissants.

  3. Brooklyn Whiskers – USA ????????Two locations:
    BUSHWICK 760 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn NY 11221 | Open M-F 8-4 | Sat & Sun 9-6 | 718.975.7044GREENPOINT 1008 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn NY 11222 | Open M-F 7:30-4 | Sat & Sun 9-6 | 929.252.1240

    For anyone who’s never had the chance to try one of BK Whiskers’ doughssants, I truly do feel sorry for you. The vegan answer to the cronut, this tasty, airy morsel of sweet, irresistible dreams comes in a myriad of flavors, depending on the cafe’s mood. They also carry donut holes, rice crispy treats, cake, strudel, cobbler, tarts, pies, croissants… the list goes on!

  4. Grezzo Raw Chocolate – Italy ????????Two locations:Grezzo Raw Chocolate Via Giovanni Amendola, 9/d, 10121 Torino TO, Italia
    Raw Raw Chocolate Via Urbana, 130, 00184 Roma RM, Italia

    According to the translated version of the Grezzo Raw Chocolate website (yes, I really need to learn Italian), anything cooked over 42 degrees compromises the nutritional and taste qualities of food. That serves as the lead thought process in all Grezzo creations, which feature only 100% raw, organic vegan chocolate in all its creations. Ranging from chocolate-shelled cakes, bonbons, tiramisu, cheesecake and housemade gelato, there’s truly something for everyone — not to mention stellar coffee to accompany that delicious sugar rush!

  5. The Vegan Cakery – United Kingdom ????????Address: 22 The Wranglands, Fleckney, Leicestershire LE8 8TW
    Phone: +44 (0)7779 116187

    Proud, vegan and award-winning are just three of the many adjectives that would describe The Vegan Cakery to a T. Not only does this gorgeous bakery churn out your standard cakes, pies, muffins and the like, but they easily tackle complex pastries like cream-filled horns, mille feuilles, fresh jam donuts and hot cross buns! They specialize in afternoon English tea-time, with a full vegan menu.

  6. Funky Pies – Australia ????????Address: 144-148 Glenayr Av. Bondi NSW Australia
    Hours: Weekdays 8:30am – 8:30pm Weekends 10am – 8:30pm
    Phone: 0451 944 404

    Get your funky on! This rad all-vegan savory pie shop has every pot-pie flavor imaginable — well, at least the tasty ones. Vegan pot pie is hard to come by (say that 5 times fast), so it’s not tough to see why this business made it on our list. Check out flavors like Eezy Chic’n Cheezy Pie, Funky Chunky Pie and Nepalese Lamb-Style Curry Pie, all delightfully tasty-sounding and, judging by reviews, actually tasty.

  7. The Bread Blue – South Korea ????????Address: 54-58 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, Nogosan-dong, Seoul, South Korea
    Hours: Mon 10:00am-9:00pm, Tue-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 8:00am-9:00pm
    Phone: 07044050723

    Okay guys, so for a while now I’ve been dreaming of opening a vegan Asian bakery — but it seems this already existed in Korea! Anyone who is familiar and grew up with old-school Chinese bakeries and maybe even the newer French-inspired Korean bakeries will be sure to add The Bread Blue to their must-visit list. All manner of buns, cakes, croissants and butter knots and more can be found at this clean, No Egg! No Milk! No Butter! slogan’d shop.

  8. Fa Fa Pastry – Hong Kong ????????*Custom order only, check social media for hosted locations.

    The mainstay of Asian bakeries is the egg tart, so it should come as no surprise that a VEGAN egg tart is the holy grail of vegan pastries. Try as you might, it’s near impossible to find a vegan egg tart (let alone a vegan tart) in nearly any city, except of course, in Hong Kong. Home to Fa Fa Pastry, an independent baker that specializes in vegan egg tart, moon cakes and regular cupcakes, with the purest ingredients. 

  9. Vegan Heaven – Taiwan ????????Address: 信義區信義路4段395巷6弄6號1樓

    Light soy cheesecake rimmed with orange lady fingers, mango passionfruit tart topped with fresh raspberries and the Taiwanese traditional pineapple cake are all elegantly veganized at this quaint, lovingly detail-oriented bakery. Patrons rave about the tiramisu, ginger soy milk and amazingly sweet service. Definitely a necessary pit-stop for any dessert lover.

  10. Mirayne – Japan ????????Address: Shibuya-ku, Nishihara 3-24-8 (at Yoyogiuehara station), Tokyo
    Hours: Wed – Sun 12pm to 6pm
    Phone: 03-6407-9331

    A French-inspired bakery that specializes in unique tea cookie flavors, Mirayne has captivated dessert lovers since 2010. The little shop features specials like Victoria sponge cake, strawberry tart and iyokan cheesecake. Custom orders are also taken, and everything is presented in beautiful, minimalist packaging.

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